Sirous Meimanat

سیروس میمنت

Sirous Meimanat | سیروس میمنت

Sirous Meimanat : سیروس میمنت :  (born May 24, 1959) is an Iranian actor and screenwriter known primarily for his roles in comedy productions. Some of his most famous works include the films "Mojaze Khandeh" (1996), "Footballiha" (2010), and television series such as "Se Doong, Se Doong" (2011) and "Noon Khe" (2023-2018), "Razegha" (2023), among others.

Political Involvement:
On April 13, 2017, he registered for the presidential election in Iran, appearing at the Ministry of Interior. However, he was disqualified by the Guardian Council of the Constitution and thus unable to compete in the election.

Sirous Meimanat


  • Original title
    Sirous Meimanat
  • Persian Name
    سیروس میمنت
  • Birthday
    May 24, 1959
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  • Also know as :
    [سیروس میمنت]

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