Shahnaz Tehrani
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Shahnaz Tehrani

Birthday: March 22, 1954
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['شهناز تهرانی']

Persian Name: شهناز تهرانی

Shahnaz Tehrani's Biography

Shahnaz Tehrani...

Shahnaz Tehrani (born in 1950 in Tehran) is an Iranian actress, singer, dancer, and radio presenter.

Career Beginnings: Shahnaz Tehrani started her artistic career in 1966 with television series, including "Octopus," "Samad," and "Sarkar Esteghlal." Her debut in cinema was in the film "Samad" and "Carpet of Prophet Solomon" in 1971.

Education: She continued her education until high school and then entered the Iranian cinema and television industry.

Before the Revolution: Throughout her career, Shahnaz Tehrani appeared in 122 films and theater productions. One of her notable roles was in the film series "Samad."

She was active in various theaters such as Barbad Theater, Nasr Theater, Dehghan Theater, and Mellat Theater for nine years. Her theater activities continued for one year after the 1979 Revolution. She spent some time in Evin Prison after the revolution and, like many Iranians, was forced to leave the country.

After the Revolution: In Los Angeles, she collaborated with Eskandar Hajati, known as Hajji Jon, to create more than 300 musical and comedy programs. This artistic duo gained significant popularity, and some of their most famous works include "Uncle Greens Seller," "I Want to Be Mary," "Be a Photographer," "Daughter of Flowers," "Neighbors," "Adult School," "Samanu Seller," and "Rashid Khan."

After some time, due to not having work permits, Shahnaz Tehrani was expelled from the United States and went to Canada, Turkey, Israel, and Georgia.

She spent 12 years at Radio Ran, which was broadcast from Israel for Persian speakers, working as a presenter and program producer. During this period, she presented joyful and festive programs, performing nostalgic songs from the past.

In 2021, Shahnaz Tehrani collaborated with "Mana Mandaqar," her program manager, to launch "Bano Cologne" in the market. It is a joint product of France and Turkey.

"Bano Show" is a television program hosted by Shahnaz Tehrani in which she shares her memories. The show is currently broadcast on Forou TV.

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