Shaghayegh Dehghan
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Shaghayegh Dehghan

Birthday: March 23, 1979
Place of birth: Gissen, Germany
Also known as: ['شقایق دهقان']

Persian Name: شقایق دهقان

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Shaghayegh Dehghan...

Shaghayegh Dehghani Bordbar (born March 23, 1979) is an Iranian actress and writer. A significant part of her career involves acting in television series, notably in Mehran Modiri's "Nightly Nights." She received nominations for the Best Female Comedy Actor award at the Hafez Celebration for her roles in the television series "Powerful Mice" (2002), "Nightly Nights" (2005), and "Thief and Policeman" (2012).

Life: Shaghayegh Dehghani was born on March 23, 1979, in Gissen, Germany, into a Bakhtiari family from Shahr-e Kord. Three months later, coinciding with the completion of her father's studies, her family returned to Iran. For six years, they resided in Neka due to her father's work, and later, they moved to Tehran.

Shaghayegh Dehghani initiated her artistic pursuits in the summer of 1995 when she enrolled in a puppetry class at the Amir Kabir Cultural Center for leisure. Two years later, during the final exams of her fourth year of high school, a teacher from that class introduced her to a puppet theater group preparing for a puppetry festival. Through one of her colleagues, she was introduced to Golchehreh Sajjadi and collaborated on a serious theatrical performance. Simultaneously, she began writing for children's programs.

After a director from a children's TV group suggested her participation, Shaghayegh Dehghani started her television career in a TV series. According to her, she became an "inseparable member of the television family." During this period, she also appeared in two cinematic works, "Under the Moonlight" and had a brief role in the film "Cinderella."

1401 Uprising: During the 1401 Uprising in Iran, Shaghayegh Dehghani shared an unveiled photo of herself on her Instagram story, stating, "My veil accidentally fell off, accidentally I didn't put it back on, someone accidentally took a photo, and accidentally shared it on their story. For all these accidents and to clear up all these misunderstandings, I won't apologize sincerely, not to anyone, not to those who got hurt, straightforwardly from anyone."

On April 26, 2023, Shaghayegh Dehghani attended a book launch event at Qoqnoos Bookstore in Tehran without compulsory hijab.

Alongside several other actresses, she faced a ban on acting due to their unveiled status. Hamid Ilbegi, the deputy of supervision and evaluation of cinematic works, mentioned that due to restrictions imposed on them, they cannot act in new films. However, their previous works are gradually being released to prevent losses to the film owners, given the substantial investments made.

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