Shabnam Gholikhani
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Shabnam Gholikhani

Birthday: Nov. 10, 1977
Place of birth: Karaj, Iran
Also known as: ['شبنم قلی\u200cخانی', 'شبنم قلی خانی']

Persian Name: شبنم قلی خانی

Shabnam Gholikhani's Biography

Shabnam Gholikhani...

Shabnam Gholikhani is a versatile figure in Iranian arts, excelling as an actress, director, and acting coach. Her artistic journey began in 1997 with a noteworthy role in "Antigone," paving the way for a career spanning acting, directing, and education. In 2004, Gholikhani made her directorial debut with the short film "Reality of a Street Seller," signaling the start of a prolific filmmaking career spanning documentaries, features, and theatrical productions.

In addition to her creative endeavors, Shabnam Gholikhani has been a dedicated educator in the dramatic arts since 2004. She served as a faculty member at Tehran Azad University, imparting her expertise in acting and drama. Her academic achievements include a Master of Arts in Dramatic Art (theater directing) from Azad University, Tehran, Iran, obtained in 2003, and a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts (stage design) earned in 2000.

As a trailblazer in Iranian cinema and theater, Gholikhani's impact extends beyond her performances, leaving a lasting legacy through her work on stage and screen, as well as her contributions to the development of future generations of performers. Her commitment to artistic excellence and the education of aspiring talents underscores her invaluable role in shaping the cultural landscape of Iran.

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