Seyed Javad Hashemi
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Seyed Javad Hashemi

Birthday: Jan. 17, 1966
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['سیدجواد هاشمی', 'Javad Hashemi', 'Sayyid Javad Hashemi', 'سید جواد هاشمی']

Persian Name: سیدجواد هاشمی

Seyed Javad Hashemi's Biography

Seyed Javad Hashemi...

Seyed Javad Hashemi Pourasl, born on January 17, 1966, is a versatile Iranian artist known for his contributions as an actor, film director, writer, and composer. His multidimensional talents have made him a prominent figure in the Iranian entertainment industry. As an actor, Pourasl has showcased his skills in bringing characters to life, while his directorial ventures reflect his creative vision and storytelling abilities. Additionally, his talents extend to the realms of writing and composing, adding depth and nuance to his artistic repertoire. Pourasl's diverse contributions have left a lasting impact on the Iranian cinematic and artistic landscape.

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