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Sam Noori : سام نوری was born on September 12, 1974, in Tehran, Iran. His father, Hossein Nouri, was a former champion of the Iranian national wrestling team, and his mother, Jamileh Fardin, is an actress. His maternal uncle is Fardin, an actor and director. Sam Nouri showed an interest in music, playing the piano, and learning English and French during his childhood. At the age of 12, he went to Paris for language studies and then pursued higher education in international management with a focus on negotiation principles, marketing, and IT management at universities in Germany and France. He became proficient in English, French, German, and Italian during the 20 years of his studies.

In 2008, Sam Nouri returned to Iran and, following a proposal from Mehran Modiri, was selected to play a role in the television series "Mard-e Do Hezar Chehreh" (Man with Two Thousand Faces).

Sam Nouri reflects on his entry into the acting field: "I am an old friend of Alireza Asar, and through him, I became acquainted with Mr. Modiri until I went in front of the camera for the first time in 'Man with Two Thousand Faces' at his suggestion. Although I was not in Iran for about 21 years, and upon my return to the country, this acquaintance took place. Although my mother, Mrs. Fatemeh Nouri, is also active in acting, and I grew up in an artistic family from childhood. My late uncle, when they were acting, I was a child and enjoyed watching his works. Although due to my young age, I don't have vivid memories of him."

Details :
  • Name : Sam Noori
  • Birthday : Sept. 12, 1974
  • Born in : Tehran
  • Tmdb ID : 3193194
  • Also know as : ['سام نوری']
  • Persian Name : سام نوری