Safar Kashkooli
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Safar Kashkooli

Birthday: Feb. 10, 1944
Place of birth: Abadan, Iran
Also known as: ['صفر کشکولی']

Persian Name: صفر کشکولی

Safar Kashkooli's Biography

Safar Kashkooli...

Safer Kashkouli, born on February 10, 1944, in Abadan, is an Iranian actor and athlete. He received his technical welding diploma in Tehran in 1964 and entered the field of football in 1959. In 1965, he became the champion of Asia in weightlifting in Kuwait, and in 1972, he became the champion of Iran in weightlifting.

Kashkouli, known as "Hercules of Khuzestan," has been involved in both sports and acting. He has participated in over a hundred films and TV series, playing various roles. Before the Iranian Revolution, he also appeared in two TV commercials for "Tab" dates and "General" refrigerators due to his athletic physique.

Some of his notable cinematic works include "Shantaje" (2018), "Ghesse Arshad 2" (2016), "Messiah" (2005), "Kuchulu-ye Khosh Shane" (2004), "Sarhad" (1996), "Gavmish-ha" (1996), "Roya-ye Nime Shab-e Tabestoon" (1994), "Safar Be Kheir" (1994), "Dollar" (1988), "Sazman-e 4" (1987), "Kharej az Mahdude" (1987), "Shikar" (1987), "Ejareh-Neshin-ha" (1986), "Noqte-ye Za'f" (1983), "Abshar-e Tala" (1972), "Leyli va Majnun" (1970), "Mard-e Rooz" (1968), and "Bi Eshq Hargez" (1967).

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