Safa Aghajani
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Safa Aghajani

Birthday: Jan. 1, 1976
Place of birth: None
Also known as: [صفا آقاجانی]

Persian Name: صفا آقاجانی

Safa Aghajani's Biography

Safa Aghajani...

Safiye Aghajani, known by the pseudonym Safa Aghajani, was born in 1355 (1976) in Urmia. She is an Iranian theater, cinema, and television actress.

Education: She holds a high school diploma in Persian literature.

Career: Safa Aghajani made her debut in visual arts in the cinema film "All the Temptations of the Earth," directed by Hamid Samandarian. She appeared alongside notable actors such as Homa Rusta, Reza Kianian, and Ahmad Aghaloo.


  • "All the Temptations of the Earth"
  • "Two Brides"
  • "Migraine" (Film)
  • "Just Like That" (Film)
  • "Wooden Abacus" (Film, 1394)
  • "Certificate" (1390)
  • "Headache" (1387)

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