Roshanak Gerami
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Roshanak Gerami

Birthday: Oct. 23, 1983
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['روشنک گرامی']

Persian Name: روشنک گرامی

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Roshanak Gerami...

Roshanak Gerami (Born October 23, 1983, Tehran) is an actress, known for The Accomplice (2020), Hele

Roshanak Gharami (born October 23, 1983) is an Iranian actress known for her roles in the films "Traffic Rule" and "Helen."

Education: Roshanak Gharami received her Bachelor's degree in architecture from Soreh University. In 2006, she was accepted into the theater directing program at the Islamic Azad University.

Filmography: Cinema:

  • 1403: "Maybe Somewhere Else" directed by Ali Tasdegh
  • 1402: "Reyhan" directed by Abbas Rafei
  • 1401: "After Leaving" directed by Reza Najati
  • 1400: "Kozovo" directed by Meysam Hashemi Tabaa
  • 1400: "Night Owl" directed by Farzad Motamen
  • 1400: "Layers of Lies" directed by Ramin Sohrab
  • 1399: "The Edge of the Line" directed by Ali Jabarzadeh
  • 1398: "7:00 AM on Azar 7th" directed by Masoud Farajam
  • 1395: "One Truck at Sunset" directed by Abolfazl Safari
  • 1395: "One Kilogram and Twenty-One Grams" directed by Rahim Toofan
  • 1394: "Helen" directed by Ali Akbar Saqafi
  • "Another House" directed by Behnoosh Sadeghi
  • "When Was the Last Time You Saw Dawn?" directed by Farzad Motamen
  • 1393: "Taboo" directed by Khosrow Masoumi
  • 1392: "Melbourne" directed by Nima Javidi
  • 1391: "Traffic Rule" directed by Behnam Behzadi
  • 1391: "Nowhere, Nobody" directed by Ebrahim Sheibani
  • 1390: "Crime and Punishment" directed by Abbas Rafei
  • 1389: "Seven Lines" directed by Saeed Aghakhani
  • 1389: "Noon Prayer" directed by Afshin Sadeghi
  • 1386: "The Last Knot of the Sun" directed by Homayoun Asadian

Roshanak Gharami's diverse filmography showcases her talent and dedication to the world of Iranian cinema.

n (2017) and Taboo (2015).

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