Pouya Amini

Pouya Amini

Pouya Amini | پویا امینی

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Description :

Pouya Amini is an Iranian actor known for his work in theater, cinema, and television. Born in Tehran, he initially embarked on an academic path in Physics during his high school years before transitioning to a more artistic pursuit by studying drama directing at university. This shift marked the beginning of his journey in the performing arts.

Amini's entry into the acting world was through his role in the drama "In My Heart," which he took on while still a university student. This initial foray set the stage for his future career, showcasing his natural talent and passion for acting. Despite his scientific background, Amini successfully made the leap to drama, demonstrating versatility and a keen ability to adapt and embrace new challenges.

Over the years, Pouya Amini has continued to develop his craft, participating in various projects across different media platforms, thereby establishing himself as a respected figure in the Iranian performing arts community. His transition from a physics student to a drama director and then to an actor is a testament to his diverse skills and dedication to following his passion in the arts.

Details :
  • Name : Pouya Amini
  • Birthday : March 15, 1976
  • Born in : Tehran, Iran
  • Tmdb ID : 2620118
  • Also know as : ['Pooya Amini', 'Pouya Amini', 'Poya Amini', 'پویا امینی', 'Puya Amini']
  • Persian Name : پویا امینی