Pejman Bazeghi
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Pejman Bazeghi

Birthday: Aug. 10, 1974
Place of birth: Lahijan, Iran
Also known as: ['پژمان بازغی']

Persian Name: پژمان بازغی

Pejman Bazeghi's Biography

Pejman Bazeghi...

Pejman Bazeghi is a notable Iranian actor recognized for his contributions to the film industry. With a career marked by diverse roles, he has made a name for himself through compelling performances. Some of his notable works include:

  1. The Man with Two Thousand Faces (2009): In this film, Pejman Bazeghi delivers a performance that contributes to the narrative of a story that likely explores complex characters and intriguing plotlines.

  2. RHINO HORN (2017): This film showcases Bazeghi's versatility as an actor, providing him with an opportunity to delve into different themes and genres. The title suggests the possibility of a compelling and impactful storyline.

  3. Cafe Setareh (2006): Another noteworthy project in Bazeghi's filmography, "Cafe Setareh" represents his involvement in Iranian cinema during the mid-2000s. The film likely reflects his ability to portray characters within the context of Iranian culture and storytelling.

Pejman Bazeghi's career is characterized by his ability to take on diverse roles, contributing to the richness of Iranian cinema. His performances in various films have garnered him recognition and appreciation from audiences and critics alike. As an actor, he continues to play a significant role in shaping the landscape of Iranian cinema.

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