Parinaz Izadyar
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Parinaz Izadyar

Birthday: Aug. 30, 1985
Place of birth: Babol, Iran
Also known as: ['پریناز ایزدیار', 'Parinaz Iyzadyar', 'Parinaz Izadyar']

Persian Name: پریناز ایزدیار

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Parinaz Izadyar...

Parinaz Izadyar is an actress who was born in 1985 in Mazandaran, Iran. She has played for the first time in “Yek Mard Yek Shahr” by Hasan Hedayat in 2007. She became famous with “5 kilometers to Heaven” by Alireza Afkhami and “Zamaneh” directed by Hasan Fathi. She has won the Crystal Simorgh of Best First Role Actress for “Life and A Day” by Saeed Roustaei from Fajr Film Festival. Her other activities are the “Shahrzad” series by Hasan Fathi and movies such as “Vilaieha” by Monir Gheydi, “Pig” by Mani Haghighi, “The Warden” by Nima Javidi and “6.5 Per Meter” directed by Saeed Roustaei.

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