Nosratolah Vahdat
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Nosratolah Vahdat

Birthday: Sept. 7, 1925
Place of birth: Isfahan, Iran
Also known as: ['نصرت اله وحدت', 'نصرت الله وحدت']

Persian Name: نصرت الله وحدت

Nosratolah Vahdat's Biography

Nosratolah Vahdat...

Nosratollah Vahdat (born September 7, 1925, Isfahan - died October 6, 2020, Tehran) was an Iranian director and actor in cinema and theater.

Artistic life Vahdat was one of the founders of the Isfahan Theater and started his professional career at the age of 18. His sweet expression and speech made hearts happy and attracted him to the sweet world of comedy and joy. His first show was “One-Day Caliph” at the Olympic Theater, and after that, he worked with Reza Eram Sadar for years in this theater and Sepahan Theater.

After a while, he entered the cinema. He says: “Since I entered the cinema, I was on the set during the day and went to the theater at 6 pm and practiced until 8 pm, which was the time of the public performance.” Vahdat was successful in directing in addition to acting. He also directed the scenario in many films.

Vahdat has appeared in more than 43 films. The film “The Foreign Bride” made in 1343 is one of his best works. This film was the first Iranian film to receive the Golden Dolphin Award at the Asian Festival. He says: “I donated this statue to the cinema museum several years ago.”

In the last year of his activity in cinema (1357), Vahdat said about making the audience laugh: “Making people laugh has become difficult. With all this trouble, people cannot be excited. Laughing requires a susceptible spiritual background. When someone has a happy spirit and comes to the cinema and laughs with a funny word or gesture, but when he thinks of thousands of problems, how can he laugh?” He said about his artistic activities in the last thirty years: “Unfortunately, I did not have much artistic activity after the 57 revolution. My only activity is limited to performing two or three shows outside of Iran, and I have been almost homebound during these years and busy writing my memoirs.” His presence at the commemoration ceremony of Reza Eram Sadar, which was held after his death in late December 2008, was one of the opportunities that people saw Vahdat and this issue caused the expression of people’s feelings towards him during the funeral ceremony. After the revolution, he did not work anymore and lived in Tehran until the end of his life.

Death Nosratollah Vahdat passed away on October 15, 2020, at the age of 95, due to old age and chest disease at Iranmehr Hospital in Tehran.

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