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Nooshafarin : Fatemeh Abedi Golnesari - The Renowned Artist Known as Noush-Afarin

Fatemeh Abedi Golnesari, professionally recognized as Noush-Afarin, is an Iranian singer and acclaimed actress currently residing in the United States. Born on December 1, 1956, in Tehran, she became famous for her artistic contributions, showcasing both her vocal prowess and acting talents.

Early Life and Challenges

Noush-Afarin, renowned as a child prodigy, faced familial challenges early on when her parents separated when she was just five years old. Despite this, she persevered, growing up alongside four sisters and two half-siblings from her father's remarriage.

Artistic Journey Beginnings

Her journey into the world of arts began when, at the age of 16, she responded to a casting call from Payam Studio, auditioning for the film "Shoresh," directed by Reza Mirlohi. This marked the initiation of her acting career, and simultaneously, she started her singing career under the mentorship of Faridoun Khoshnoud, debuting with the song "Ghableh" on the popular TV show "Mikhak Noghreyi" hosted by Fereydoon Farrokhzad.

Film and Musical Career

Noush-Afarin faced societal norms of the time, where many young actresses played nude roles in films. However, she managed to carve her path differently. Her debut film "Ghesseh Mahan" directed by Khosrow Parvizi was followed by "Doshman" directed by Khosrow Parvizi.

In the following years, Noush-Afarin collaborated with prominent figures like Khosrow Parvizi and Saeed Rad, whom she later married. After 17 years of life with Saeed Rad, she left Iran in 1985, initially heading to India and later settling in the United States.

Resilience and Artistic Revival

Upon her arrival in the U.S., Noush-Afarin revitalized her artistic career, releasing albums like "Dokhtar Shahparioun" with music composed by Mehdi Zandkarimi. Despite the challenges and controversies faced in her homeland, she continues to be a symbol of resilience and artistic prowess in the Iranian diaspora.

In summary, Noush-Afarin's journey encompasses not only a rich tapestry of musical accomplishments but also a testament to her ability to overcome societal constraints, leaving an indelible mark on Iranian art and culture.

Details :
  • Name : Nooshafarin
  • Birthday : March 21, 1956
  • Born in : Rudbar, Iran
  • Tmdb ID : 2326898
  • Also know as : ['نوش آفرين']
  • Persian Name : نوش آفرين