Mohammad-Reza Davoudnejad

Mohammad-Reza Davoudnejad

Mohammad-Reza Davoudnejad | محمدرضا داوودنژاد

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Description :

Mohammad-Reza Davoudnejad is a distinguished Iranian actor, known for his remarkable contributions to Persian cinema. His name may be spelled in various ways, including Mohammad-Reza Davood-Nejad and Mohammadreza Davood-Nejad in English, while in Persian, it is written as محمدرضا داوودنژاد. As a talented actor, he has left a lasting impact on the Iranian entertainment industry, showcasing his skills and passion for the art of acting.

Details :
  • Name : Mohammad-Reza Davoudnejad
  • Birthday : None
  • Born in : Tehran
  • Tmdb ID : 1443942
  • Also know as : ['محمدرضا داودنژاد']
  • Persian Name : محمدرضا داوودنژاد