Mina Jafarzadeh

مینا جعفرزاده

Mina Jafarzadeh | مینا جعفرزاده

Mina Jafarzadeh : مینا جعفرزاده : Mina Booyouk Jafarzadeh Behzadi is an Iranian actress, born on February 4, 1947. Her notable roles include performances in the films "The Expelled" and TV series such as "Nabarde Ranj" and "Zir-e Aseman-e Shahr."

She began her career in radio in 1969 and made her debut in cinema with the film "Elephant in Darkness" in 1988.

Jafarzadeh has appeared in many television series. Iranians especially remember her for her role as "Aunt Jane" alongside Akbar Abdi in the series "Iranians."

Mina Jafarzadeh


  • Original title
    Mina Jafarzadeh
  • Persian Name
    مینا جعفرزاده
  • Birthday
    Feb. 14, 1947
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  • Also know as :
    ['مینا جعفرزاده']