Mehrdad Ziaei
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Mehrdad Ziaei

Birthday: July 1, 1969
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['سید مهرداد ضیایی', 'Seyyed Mehrdad Ziaei ']

Persian Name: سید مهرداد ضیایی

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Mehrdad Ziaei's Biography

Mehrdad Ziaei...

Mehrdad Ziaei (born July 1, 1969) is an Iranian television and film actor, born in Tehran. He has studied Natural Resources Engineering and Journalism.[3][4]

Artistic Career He embarked on his acting career in 1369 (1989) by performing in the Ay-Ki Theater. His first cinematic experience came in 1371 (1992) with a role in the film "Shabe Dahom" directed by Jamal Shoorjeh.

In 1396 (2017), he published a collection of poems titled "Mara Be Pirahant Bespar" (Hand Me Over to Your Shirt)

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