Mehran Ghafourian
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Mehran Ghafourian

Birthday: Aug. 24, 1974
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['Mehran Ghafoorian', 'مهران غفوریان', 'Mehran Ghaforian', 'Mehran Ghafourian', 'Mehran Ghafuriyan', 'Mehran Ghafurian', 'Mehran Qafuriyan', 'Mehran Qafurian']

Persian Name: مهران غفوریان

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Mehran Ghaforian

Early Life: Mehran Ghaforian, born on August 25, 1974, is an Iranian actor, comedian, and director. He initially graduated in painting but entered the acting field with the series "Labkhand Sefr" (Smile of Zero) in 1994. He gained fame with the series "Zir-e Aseman-e Shahr" (Under the City Sky) in 2001.

Life: Mehran Ghaforian was born in Tehran on August 25, 1974, to a Tehranian father (a navy officer) and a Tabrizi mother. He grew up in the Molavi Street neighborhood in Tehran, particularly in Tehranpars and Darakeh. He has an older brother named Mehdi, who is a composer.

Ghaforian graduated with a degree in General Painting from the Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, in 1994. He began his career in acting with the comedy series "Labkhand Sefr" directed by Masoud Rashidi and quickly joined the ranks of television directors. He achieved fame with the series "Golha" (Flowers) and subsequently "Harfeto Harfe Mano" (Match My Word), and then collaborated with Mehran Modiri in 2000. Later, he directed them, and they became known among the people as "Hezireha."

In 2001, Ghaforian created the series "Zir-e Aseman-e Shahr," which marked the beginning of a nightly series broadcast on television. Following the success of this series, he went on to create its second and third seasons.

Personal Life: Mehran Ghaforian married Arazu Ghaforian, and they have a child together.

Career Highlights:

  • "Labkhand Sefr" (Smile of Zero) - 1994
  • "Golha" (Flowers) - 1996
  • "Harfeto Harfe Mano" (Match My Word) - 1997
  • "Zir-e Aseman-e Shahr" (Under the City Sky) - 2001
  • "Hezireha" - 2001 (Director)
  • "Ninty More Nights" - 2002 (Incomplete)
  • "Neighbors" - 2003
  • "Hamsayeha" (Neighbors) - 2010 (Director)
  • "The Police Are Not Me" - 2016 (Director)
  • "The Neighbors" (TV series) - 2016-2018 (Director)

Recent Events: In 2021, during the shooting of the TV series "Hamishegi" (The Neighbors), after the foot of Arash Moayerian was broken and he resigned from the project, Ghaforian took over the direction and started filming from scratch.

On October 18, 2021, Ghaforian experienced a heart attack onstage while filming the series "Nisan-e Abi" (Blue April). After being transferred to the hospital, he underwent open-heart surgery the next day.

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