Maryam Shirazi
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Maryam Shirazi

Birthday: Oct. 25, 1977
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: [مریم شیرازی]

Persian Name: مریم شیرازی

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Maryam Shirazi's Biography

Maryam Shirazi...

Maryam Shirazi: Biography: Maryam Shirazi, born on October 25, 1977, in Tehran, is a multifaceted Iranian artist known for her contributions to cinema, television, and theater. She has showcased her talents not only as an actress but also as a director.

Life and Education: Maryam Shirazi completed her education, earning a master's degree in theater directing from the University of Art and Architecture. Her academic background laid the foundation for her successful career in the performing arts.

Artistic Career:

Theater: Maryam Shirazi gained international recognition for her theatrical performance in "Body Battle," representing Iranian theater at the Art in War festival in the Netherlands in 2006.

Filmography: Maryam Shirazi has been part of several noteworthy films, showcasing her acting skills. Some of the films she has contributed to include:

  • "Naneh Lala and Her Sons" (1996) directed by Kambozia Partovi
  • "I Am His Wife" (2011) directed by Mostafa Shayesteh
  • "Delam Mikhaad" (2013) directed by Bahman Farmanara
  • "Bahman" (2014) directed by Morteza Farshbaf
  • "Yahya Didn't Keep Quiet" (2014) directed by Kaveh Ebrahimpour
  • "African Violet" (2017) directed by Mona Zandi Haghighi

Maryam Shirazi's artistic journey reflects her dedication to the diverse fields of cinema, theater, and beyond, contributing significantly to the Iranian cultural scene.

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