Maryam Boubani
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Maryam Boubani

Birthday: June 17, 1953
Place of birth: Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran
Also known as: ['مریم بوبانی', 'Maryam Boobani', 'مەریەم بووبانی']

Persian Name: مریم بوبانی

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Maryam Boobani: Celebrated Actress of Iranian Cinema

Maryam Boobani, born on May 16, 1953, is a versatile Iranian actress known for her contributions to cinema, theater, and television. She garnered international acclaim by winning the Best Actress award at the Dehok International Film Festival for her role in the film 'Separated Sisters,' a collaborative production between Germany and Greece. Boobani has also received nominations for the Crystal Simorgh Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Golden Statue Award for Best Actress at the Fajr Film Festival and the Iranian Cinema Celebration for her performances in 'Mahya' and 'The Wind Carpet,' respectively.

Boobani's illustrious career began in 1997 when she appeared in 'Mother's Love,' directed by Kamal Tabrizi, marking her debut in Iranian cinema. Her husband, Cyrus Ahmadi Far, is a renowned songwriter from Ahvaz, whose compositions have been performed by artists like Masoud Bakhtiari on Ahvaz Radio during the 1950s. Cyrus Ahmadi Far also serves as a custodian of ancient Iranian music.

Maryam Boobani is the mother of Yavar Ahmadi Far, a percussionist, and the orchestrator of the CharTar music group.

Having trained under the guidance of Amin Tarokh, Boobani continues to pursue her passion for acting, captivating audiences with her compelling performances on stage and screen."

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