Manoochehr Vossoogh

منوچهر وثوق

Manoochehr Vossoogh | منوچهر وثوق

Manoochehr Vossoogh : منوچهر وثوق: Abbas Rezaei Vosoogh, known as Manuchehr Vosoogh, was an Iranian actor born on February 2, 1944 (14 Bahman 1322) in Rey, Tehran. He emerged as one of the most prolific actors in Iran before the 1979 Revolution.

Biography: Early Life: Manuchehr Vosoogh started his career in the arts in the field of sports, particularly in athletics and field events, during his youth. He became involved in theater alongside Saeed Qaem-Maqami and participated in various theatrical productions for organizations like Pishahang and the Red Lion and Sun Society.

Before the Revolution: Vosoogh entered the world of cinema in 1964 with the film "Jahelha va Zhigoolha" directed by Hossein Moeini. However, he gained more recognition and fame for his role in the film "Charkh-e Bazigar" (The Wheel Actor) directed by Mehdi Amirghasemi in 1968.

He continued his career, collaborating with directors such as Mehdi Zokaei, Mehdi Rais-Firooz, and others. Some of his notable pre-revolutionary films include "Haq va NaHaq," "Zar Kharid o Zakhm Khanjar Rafiq," and "Ghorbani" among many others.

After the Revolution: Following the 1979 Revolution, Vosoogh faced challenges in continuing his artistic activities. He returned to Iran after the departure of Mohammad Reza Shah but was later banned from working in cinema. He continued his career in theater, notably at the Laleh-Zar Theater.

However, due to the changing cultural landscape and negative statements about pre-revolutionary actors made by Seyed Mohammad Khatami, who was the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance at the time, Vosoogh, along with other artists, faced difficulties.

Eventually, he left Iran and migrated to Pakistan and later to the United Kingdom. In London, he participated in a variety show titled "Akhoondi," produced by Reza Fazeli and directed by Reza Sarkoob. Vosoogh collaborated with the Manoto TV network during his time in the UK.

Manoochehr Vossoogh


  • Original title
    Manoochehr Vossoogh
  • Persian Name
    منوچهر وثوق
  • Birthday
    Jan. 1, 1943
  • Born in
    Tehran, Iran
  • Tmdb ID
  • Also know as :
    ['منوچهر وثوق', 'عباس رضايی وثوق', 'Manouchehr Vossough']

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