Mahtab Nasirpour
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Mahtab Nasirpour

Birthday: Dec. 20, 1965
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['مهتاب نصیرپور']

Persian Name: مهتاب نصیرپور

Mahtab Nasirpour's Biography

Mahtab Nasirpour...

Mahtab Nasirpour, born on December 20, 1965, is a distinguished Iranian actress, renowned for her captivating contributions to both theater and film. Not only an accomplished performer, but Nasirpour has also made her mark as a producer in the entertainment industry. Her career is adorned with versatile roles, leaving an indelible imprint on stage and screen.

Nasirpour's noteworthy performances encompass acclaimed productions such as "Alo! Alo! Man Joojoo-am" (1994), "I Am Taraneh, 15" (2002), "Killing Rabids (Sag Koshi)" (2001), "In the Name of the Father (Be Name Pedar)" (2006), "The Earth Child (Farzande Khah)" (2008), and "Tehran 1500" (2008). Her ability to immerse herself in characters has garnered recognition and admiration from both audiences and critics.

In a more recent endeavor, Nasirpour showcased her talent alongside Parviz Paratui in Soheila Golestani's 2015 drama "Two (Do)." Her skill in bringing depth and authenticity to her characters continues to resonate with audiences. Beyond her acting prowess, Nasirpour has played a significant role as a producer, further solidifying her impact on the Iranian entertainment landscape.

Her dedication extends to the stage, where she delivered noteworthy performances in Mohammad Rahmanian's play "Old Songs (Taranehaye Ghadimi)." Nasirpour's career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes. Her body of work weaves a rich tapestry of performances that have left a lasting impression on the world of Iranian theater and cinema.

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