Mahsa Hejazi

مهسا حجازی

Mahsa Hejazi | مهسا حجازی

Mahsa Hejazi : مهسا حجازی : 

Name: Mahsa
Surname: Hejazi
Date of Birth: October 8, 1994
Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
Profession: Actress
Marital Status: Single
Personal Life and Family
Mahsa Hejazi, known for her role as Mona in the TV series "Af'ei Tehran," was born on October 8, 1994, in Tehran. She comes from a family of five, with an older sister named Mahdis and a younger brother named Mohammad.

There is limited information available about Mahsa Hejazi's father, as she has only shared a few casual photos of him without mentioning his occupation. Due to her lack of public interviews, detailed information about her parents and personal life remains scarce. Mahsa Hejazi is noted for her relatively tall stature, placing her among the taller actresses in the industry.

Despite her current acting career, Mahsa Hejazi's academic background is not related to theater or acting. She pursued her higher education at Shahid Beheshti University. Her transition to the arts and acting came later in her life, indicating a shift in her career path towards the entertainment industry.

Career Highlights
Mahsa Hejazi has gained recognition for her role in "Af'ei Tehran," showcasing her talent and establishing herself in the Iranian acting scene.

Mahsa Hejazi


  • Original title
    Mahsa Hejazi
  • Persian Name
    مهسا حجازی
  • Birthday
    Oct. 8, 1994
  • Born in
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  • Also know as :
    ['مهسا حجازی']

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