Mahlegha Bagheri
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Mahlegha Bagheri

Birthday: July 14, 1981
Place of birth: Iran
Also known as: [مه‌لقا باقری]

Persian Name: مه‌لقا باقری

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Mehlagha Bagheri (born June 14, 1981) is an Iranian actor and theater director. The majority of her activities are focused on theater, and she has received awards for her contributions. Biography She graduated with a bachelor's degree in theater directing from Sorbonne University (1378-1382) and obtained a master's degree in theater directing from Tarbiat Modares University in 2006. With over 12 years of professional experience in the fields of directing and acting in theater, she has participated in both domestic and international festivals in countries such as France, Russia, and Spain. Baqeri is also active in the design of choreography and serves as an assistant director in the theater. In the first season of the television series "Dorehami," she played the role of Qeimat's wife.

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