Lale Marzban
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Lale Marzban

Birthday: Jan. 19, 1994
Place of birth: Azna
Also known as: ['لاله مرزبان', 'Laleh Marzbaan ', 'Laleh Marzban']

Persian Name: لاله مرزبان

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Laleh Marzban: An Iranian Actress Making Waves in Cinema

Description: "Laleh Marzban, born on January 19, 1994, in Azna, is a prominent Iranian actress recognized for her remarkable performances in Iranian cinema. She gained widespread acclaim for her roles in 'Under the Smoky Roof' (2016) and 'Without Anything' (2020). Marzban received a nomination for the Crystal Simorgh Award at the Fajr Film Festival for her role in 'Night Guard' (2021).

Marzban embarked on her acting journey in 2010 with the television series 'Black Intelligence,' showcasing her talent and passion for the craft. Her breakthrough came with her role in the film 'Under the Smoky Roof' (2016), where she captivated audiences with her performance.

Some of her notable film credits include 'Hiss! Girls Don't Scream' (2013), 'Under the Smoky Roof' (2016), 'Dinner Time' (2017), and 'Our Moon Guesthouse' (2018).

In addition to her film work, Marzban has also made notable appearances in television series such as 'Praise 3' (2018), 'Anam' (2017), and 'Black Intelligence' (2010)."

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