Ladan Mostofi
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Ladan Mostofi

Birthday: March 10, 1973
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: [لادن موستوفی]

Persian Name: لادن موستوفی

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Ladan Mostofi...

Ladan Mostofi (born March 10, 1973) is an Iranian actress. She began her career with the film "Rooze Vaqe'e" and gained fame a few years later after starring in the TV series "Doran-e Sarkoshi" (The Reckless Era).

Biography Ladan Mostofi was born in 1973 in Tonekabon, Iran. She left her university studies unfinished and entered the field of acting. At the age of 22, she made her debut in the film "Rooze Vaqe'e" in 1994. Following her roles in the TV series "Doran-e Sarkoshi" and the television series "Paria," she rose to prominence.[1][2]

Ladan Mostofi is the wife of Sharam Asadi, a director, and screenwriter. She is also the sister of Laleh Mostofi, a secretary in the Iranian cinema scene. Mostofi has collaborated with Asadi in many films, including notable works such as "Rooze Vaqe'e" and the TV series "Sheykh Baha'i."

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