Katayoun Riahi

کتایون ریاحی

Katayoun Riahi | کتایون ریاحی

Katayoun Riahi : کتایون ریاحی : (born December 31, 1961) is a former Iranian actress and writer. She received critical acclaim in 2001 for her role in "The Last Supper" and portrayed Zuleikha in the 2008 television series "Prophet Joseph."

Early Life and Career

Katayoun Riahi was born on December 31, 1961, in Tehran. She has a son named Pouria, who is a musician with an academic background in music. Her brother, Alireza Riahi, is also a prominent actor in Iranian cinema.

Riahi began her career writing for children before transitioning to film with her debut in "The Informant," which was halted midway. She then starred in "Autumn" but initially struggled to gain recognition in the film industry. However, her performance in the TV series "Patriarch" brought her into the spotlight. Her roles in "Days of Life" and especially "After the Rain" made her a well-known figure. Riahi's performances in "After the Rain" and "The Tenth Night" were particularly noteworthy. After a five-year hiatus from cinema, her role in "The Last Supper" marked the pinnacle of her acting career, earning her a Best Actress nomination at the 20th Fajr Film Festival. She was also nominated for a Best

Katayoun Riahi


  • Original title
    Katayoun Riahi
  • Persian Name
    کتایون ریاحی
  • Birthday
    Dec. 31, 1961
  • Born in
    Tehran, Iran
  • Tmdb ID
  • Also know as :
    ['Katayoon Riahi', 'Katayoun Riyahi', 'Katayoon Riyahi', 'کتایون ریاحی']

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