Kamand Amirsoleimani
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Kamand Amirsoleimani

Birthday: June 6, 1973
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['Kamand Amir Soleimani', 'کمند امیرسلیمانی']

Persian Name: کمند امیرسلیمانی

Kamand Amirsoleimani's Biography

Kamand Amirsoleimani...

Kamand Amir Soleymani (born June 5, 1973) is an Iranian actor active in cinema, television, and theater.

Biography: Kamand Amir Soleymani was born on June 5, 1973, in Tehran. She graduated in acting and directing theater from the Islamic Azad University in 1997. Her first involvement in theater dates back to the age of 7 when she performed in the play "Squirrels." In 1981, she made her debut on television, and in 1986, she showcased her acting skills in the film "Taranj."

In addition to her achievements in the entertainment industry, Kamand Amir Soleymani is the daughter of Saeed Amir Soleymani and the sister of Sepand Amir Soleymani, both prominent figures in Iranian cinema.

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