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Description :

Jafar Vali, an Iranian artist, was born in 1312 in Tehran. He began his professional career in the field of performances in the 1930s. Vali was the first person to perform with Behrouz Beizaei and Gholamhossein Saeedi, and later, he explored acting in significant films such as "Nakhoda" and "Khorshid."

On the 18th of Azar, 1395, Jafar Vali was hospitalized due to respiratory illness, and after 9 days of hospitalization, he passed away on the 27th of Azar, 1395. His funeral took place on the 29th of Azar, 1395, where prominent artists like Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, Jamsheed Mashayekhi, Saeed Pour Samimi, Akbar Zanjanpour, and Iradj Rad were present.

During the funeral, Jamsheed Mashayekhi responded to Asghar Hemmat (the managing director of the Theater House) who had previously mentioned, "Vali intended to reproduce a performance with the collaboration of Iradj Rad and Hormoz Heidari that had been previously staged with Jamsheed Mashayekhi and Ezzatollah Entezami." Mashayekhi stated, "In that performance, Vali was playing Valiollah Shirandami, and there was no one else but me. Let's not lie, let's not unnecessarily glorify each other. Until when are we going to bluff?... Say whatever you want about me; I have lived my life. At that time, a servant of the government, and now also a servant of the government."

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi also recited a poem during the funeral and said, "No one speaks about the sufferings that Vali and the artists went through over the years, and I won't say anything either."

Details :
  • Name : Jafar Vali
  • Birthday : Jan. 1, 1933
  • Born in : Tehran, Iran
  • Tmdb ID : 1351404
  • Also know as : ['جعفر والی', "Ja'far Vali"]
  • Persian Name : جعفر والی