Houman Kiai

Houman Kiai

Houman Kiai | هومن کیایی

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Description :

Houman Kiai is a distinguished actor primarily known for his contributions to theater, with fewer appearances in television and cinema. In his artistic portfolio, Kiyaei has notable roles in the television series "Yek Mosht Paragh" in 2007 and "Ghafasi Baraye Parvaz" in 2010. His cinematic acting experience includes the film "Fasle Faramoushi" (Season of Forgetfulness), predating his involvement in the well-known film "Metri Shisho Nim" in the cinema.

Details :
  • Name : Houman Kiai
  • Birthday : None
  • Born in : Tehran
  • Tmdb ID : 2247016
  • Also know as : [هومن کیایی]
  • Persian Name : هومن کیایی