Houman Barghnavard
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Houman Barghnavard

Birthday: Dec. 26, 1969
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['Houman Barghnavard', 'Houman Barqnavard', 'Human Barghnavard', 'Human Barqnavard', 'Hooman Barghnavard', 'Hooman Barqnavard', 'Hooman Bargh Navard', 'Hooman Barq Navard', 'Houman Bargh Navard', 'هومن برق\u200cنورد', 'هومن برق نورد']

Persian Name: هومن برق نورد

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Houman Barghnavard is an Iranian actor in both cinema and television. Born in 1969 in Tehran, Iran, he started his television career with Masoud Foroutan's series "Return to the Scenes." Subsequently, he has appeared in various series such as "Doctors Building," "Shahrzad," "Chimney," and "Recovery."

In addition to his television work, Houman Barghnavard has played roles in several films. Some notable movies featuring him include "Jib Bor-e Khiyaban-e Jonobi" directed by Siavash Asadi, "Hard Makeup" directed by Hamid Nematollah, and "Blade and Termeh" directed by Kiumars Pourahmad. His contributions to both television and cinema have established him as a recognized actor in the Iranian entertainment industry.

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