Hesam Navabsafavi
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Hesam Navabsafavi

Birthday: Sept. 13, 1974
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['Seyed Hesam Navab Safavi', 'Hesam Navab Safavi', 'Hesam Navabsafavi', 'سید حسام نواب صفوی', 'حسام نواب صفوی', 'سید حسام نواب\u200cصفوی', 'حسام نواب\u200cصفوی', 'Seyed Hesam Navabsafavi', 'Seyyed Hesam Navabsafavi', 'Seyyed Hesam Navab Safavi']

Persian Name: حسام نواب صفوی

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Hesam Navabsafavi is an actor who was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran. His first experience as an actor is “Protest” by Masoud Kimiaei. From his other activities, “13 Cats on the Roof” by Ali Abdol Alizadeh, “Ekhrajiha 2” by Masoud Dehnamaki, “Vaghti hame khaabim” by Bahram Beyzaei and “A Candle in the Wind” directed by Pouran Derakhshande can be named.

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