Hanie Tavassoli
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Hanie Tavassoli

Birthday: June 4, 1979
Place of birth: Hamedan, Iran
Also known as: ['Hanieh Tavassoli', 'هانیه توسلی', 'حانیه توسلی', 'Haniyeh Tavassoli', 'Haniyeh Tavasoli', 'Haniye Tavasoli', 'Hanieh Tavasoli', 'Hanie Tavasoli', 'Hanie Tavassoli', 'Haniye Tavassoli', 'Haniye Tayassol']

Persian Name: هانیه توسلی

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Hanieh Tavassoli

Biography: Hanieh Tavassoli, born on 17 Khordad 1358 (June 7, 1979), is an Iranian actress. She received the award for Best Leading Actress for her role in "Shabhaye Roshan" (Bright Nights) at the 7th House of Cinema Celebration in 1381 (2002), only a few years after starting her acting career. In the 31st Fajr Film Festival in 1391 (2012), she won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Leading Actress for her performance in the film "Dehliz" (The Corridor). She was also nominated for the Crystal Simorgh for her role in "So'otehafaham" (Misunderstanding) in 1396 (2017).

Detention: On September 25, 1402 (September 16, 2023), she was detained by the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran for posting a message on her Instagram page regarding Mahsa Amini.

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