Golab Adine

گلاب آدینه

Golab Adine | گلاب آدینه

Golab Adine: A Pioneering Actress from Tehran, Iran

Born in 1953 in Tehran, Iran, Golab Adine stands as a distinguished actress with a career that spans decades and a repertoire of notable performances. Her journey in the world of entertainment commenced in television, marking the inception of a remarkable career that would leave an indelible mark on Iranian cinema.

In 1984, Golab Adine took on a pivotal role in the television series "Afsaneye Soltan va Shaban," directed by the acclaimed Dariush Farhang. This marked her early foray into the industry, setting the stage for a career characterized by talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft.

One of the crowning achievements in Golab Adine's illustrious career came with the film "The Blue-Veiled," directed by Rakhshan Banietemad. Her stellar performance earned her the prestigious Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actress at the Fajr Film Festival, a testament to her skill and contribution to the Iranian film landscape.

Beyond her award-winning role, Golab Adine has graced the screen in other noteworthy projects, including "Mum's Guest" directed by Dariush Farhang, "Gole Yakh" by Kioumars Poorahmad, and "Parvaz Dar Hobab" directed by Sirous Moghadam. Each endeavor showcases her ability to inhabit diverse characters and bring them to life with authenticity and depth.

As an actress whose talent transcends generations, Golab Adine continues to leave an indomitable impact on Iranian cinema. Her dedication to the art form and her ability to breathe life into each role make her a cherished figure in the realm of Iranian entertainment.





Golab Adine


  • Original title
    Golab Adine
  • Persian Name
    گلاب آدینه
  • Birthday
    Aug. 13, 1953
  • Born in
    Tehran, Iran
  • Tmdb ID
  • Also know as :
    ['Golab Adineh', 'Golab Adiyne', 'Golab Adiyneh', 'گلاب آدینه', 'Golab Adine', "Golab Mosta'an", 'Golab Mostaan']

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