Gohar Kheyrandish
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Gohar Kheyrandish

Birthday: Aug. 21, 1954
Place of birth: Shiraz, Iran
Also known as: ['Gohar Kheirandish', 'گوهر خیراندیش']

Persian Name: گوهر خیراندیش

Gohar Kheyrandish's Biography

Gohar Kheyrandish...

Gohar Kheyrandish, born in 1954 in Shiraz, Iran, is a versatile actress renowned for her contributions to cinema, theater, and television. From a young age, she engaged in theater and performances, setting the stage for a prolific career in the entertainment industry.

After completing her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Gohar Kheyrandish made her cinematic debut in "Days of Waiting." This marked the beginning of a journey that would establish her as a prominent figure in Iranian cinema.

One of her notable achievements includes receiving an Honorary Diploma for Best First Role Actress at the 20th Fajr Film Festival for her compelling performance in "Low Heights," directed by Ibrahim Hatami Kia. This recognition underscored her talent and dedication to her craft.

Gohar Kheyrandish has also made significant contributions to Iranian television, featuring in Mohammad Hossein Latifi's TV series "Neighbor's" and the acclaimed "Mive-ye Mamnooe," directed by Hassan Fathi. Her ability to seamlessly transition between various mediums speaks to her versatility as an actress.

In the realm of cinema, Kheyrandish's repertoire includes noteworthy films such as Kamal Tabrizi's "Sheida," Manouchehr Masiri's "Donya," Kioumars Pour Ahmad's "Gol-e yakh," and Parisa Bakhtavar's "Tambourine." Each project showcases her ability to inhabit diverse roles and contribute to the richness of Iranian cinema.

Gohar Kheyrandish's enduring presence in the entertainment industry, coupled with her accolades and diverse body of work, cements her status as a respected and influential figure in Iranian cinema, theater, and television.

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