Forouzan's Details


Birthday: Aug. 26, 1937
Place of birth: Bandar-e Anzali, Iran
Also known as: ['Parvin Kheirbakhsh', 'فروزان', 'پروین خیربخش', 'Fourouzan']

Persian Name: فروزان

Forouzan's Biography


Forouzan, also spelled Foroozan, was born as Parvin Kheirbakhsh in Bandar-e Anzali, Iran. She initiated her career in the film industry as a dubbing artist. Her first movie was "Sahel-e Entezar." Forouzan gained recognition by working with renowned directors of the Mowj-e Now, including Dariush Mehrjui in "Dayere-ye Mina" and Ali Hatami in "Baba Shamal."

Initially starting as a voice-over actress, Forouzan transitioned to on-screen roles in 1964 when she starred in Siamak Yasemi's "Sahele Entezar." However, it was Yasemi's film "Ganje Qarun" that brought her widespread fame. She formed a successful cinematic partnership with Mohammad Ali Fardin after their collaboration in "Ganj-e Qarun," and they became one of the most celebrated on-screen couples in Persian cinema. Together, they starred in several high-grossing films, contributing to the popular genre known as Persian Films or Film Farsi.

Persian Films, a popular genre in Iran before the 1979 revolution, featured works by directors like Siamak Yasemi, Iraj Ghaderi, Shapur Gharib, and Fereydun Goleh, all of whom Forouzan collaborated with.

However, following the 1979 revolution, Forouzan faced a ban on her participation in films, leading to a period of isolation. Despite rarely giving interviews, she remained popular, and her death on January 24, 2016, in Tehran marked the end of an era. After her passing, Persian-language websites and forums dedicated posts and articles to honor her memory, highlighting her enduring popularity despite not appearing in new films since 1978.

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