Farzin Mohades
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Farzin Mohades

Birthday: May 10, 1979
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['Farzzin Modades', 'فرزین محدث']

Persian Name: فرزین محدث

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Farzin Mohades...

Farzin Mohaddes (born May 10, 1979) is an Iranian actor known for his role in the film "The Garbage Poes."

Biography: Farzin embarked on his artistic journey during his college years. In 2005, he graduated in acting from Soreh University. He is a member of the Arta Theater Group and serves as a teacher and director at the Arta Art Institute. Additionally, he is an educator at the Ferdows Higher Education Institute in Mashhad.

Notable Works: Filmography:

  1. "We Are All Together" (1397)
  2. "Shahin" (1397)
  3. "Day for Night" (1397)
  4. "Millionaire Miami" (1395)
  5. "Chocolate" (1396)
  6. "Emperor of Hell" (1395)
  7. "Shahriar's Road" (1393)
  8. "The Laboratory" (1390)
  9. "Tehroon" (1384)
  10. "Hot Chocolate" (1388)
  11. "The Garbage Poes" (1384)
  12. "A Slice of Bread" (1383)
  13. "Father's Farm" (1382)
  14. "Marmoulak" (1382)

Farzin Mohaddes has made a significant contribution to Iranian cinema and theater through his impressive body of work.

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