Fakhri Khorvash
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Fakhri Khorvash

Birthday: May 31, 1930
Place of birth: Kermanshah, Iran
Also known as: ['فخری خوروش', 'فخری اسودی']

Persian Name: فخری خوروش

Fakhri Khorvash's Biography

Fakhri Khorvash...

Fakhri Khoroush (May 30, 1929 – June 9, 2023) was an Iranian actress. Her first acting experience was in the play "Dirty Hands" by Jean-Paul Sartre, which was well-received. She was one of the few female actors who continued her career in Iran after the 1979 revolution. After the revolution, she also participated in television productions and played the role of Malek-Jahan Khanum in the historical series "Amir Kabir" (1984–1985). In the early 1980s, she distanced herself from acting and moved to the United States in 2006.

Life: Farrokh Khoroush was born on May 30, 1929, in Kermanshah, Iran. She completed her education at an early age, finishing school by the age of 16. Although her initial goal was to pursue higher education in medicine, she worked as a teacher for several years before being selected by the Association of Graduates to pursue acting in the theater. She quickly completed her education at the school, and during this time, she went on stage with the play "Dirty Hands" by Jean-Paul Sartre, which gained popularity.

From 1959 to 1977, she performed in various plays in Tehran theaters. Her first appearance in cinema was in the film "For You" (1955) directed by Sadeq Bahrami. One of her significant experiences in cinema was her role in "South of the City" (1958) by Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam, although the film was later banned and released under a new title, "Competition in the City" (1963).

Khoroush, having transferred her activities from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Culture and Art due to her artistic pursuits, was assigned to act in the newly established Television Teletheater. Her first television play was named "Margaret." For ten years, she presented a live television play every week, collaborating with other prominent artists and theater personalities of that time.

After a hiatus from acting, Khoroush returned to Iranian cinema during the late 1980s, participating in films that are considered among the most important works of the Iranian New Wave, including "Mr. Haloo" (Dariush Mehrjui), "The Curse" (Nasser Taghvai), "Prince Ehtejab" (Bahman Farmanara), "Chess of the Wind" (Mohammad Reza Aslani), and "Fools" (Ali Hatami). She continued her contributions to Iranian cinema until the early 2000s.

Farrokh Khoroush passed away on June 9, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of valuable contributions to Iranian theater and cinema.

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