Borzoo Arjmand
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Borzoo Arjmand

Birthday: Sept. 23, 1975
Place of birth: Mashhad, Iran
Also known as: ['برزو ارجمند', 'Borzoo Arjmand', 'Borzou Arjmand', 'Borzo Arjmand']

Persian Name: برزو ارجمند

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Borzoo Arjmand...

Barzoo Arjmand (born March 27, 1975) is an actor in cinema, theater, and television, as well as a singer. He earned his bachelor's degree in acting and directing from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at Azad University in Tehran. He considers his father, Anoushiravan Arjmand, as his mentor. Barzoo's sister, Bahar Arjmand, is a theater actress, and his wife, Parmis Zend, is a cinema makeup artist.

Awards: Barzoo Arjmand received the Best Actor award from Javan and Se Television Networks for his roles in the TV series "Meshgh-e Eshgh" and "Yek Ojeh Khak." He was also nominated for Best Actor at the Hafez Awards for his performance in the TV series "Ghahve-ye Talkh" (Bitter Coffee). Additionally, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film "19th Wednesday," directed by Vahid Jalilvand, at the Fajr Film Festival and the Iranian Film Critics Society Awards.

1401 Uprising: Following the public protests during the 1401 Uprising in Iran, Barzoo Arjmand, along with Ehsan Karami, joined the protesters outside of Iran in Azar 1401 (November-December 2022).

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