Behrang Alavi
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Behrang Alavi

Birthday: March 21, 1980
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['بهرنگ علوی']

Persian Name: بهرنگ علوی

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Behrang Alavi: A Versatile Iranian Actor

Behrang Alavi, born on March 21, 1980, in Tehran, Iran, is a distinguished actor known for his contributions to Iranian theater and cinema. He achieved the Honorary Diploma for Best Supporting Actor at the 34th Fajr Theater Festival for his performance in a play in the original language.

Early Life: Behrang was born as the only child into a family originally from Amol. His father, a retired cultural figure and an official in the Ministry of Education, and his mother, a telecommunications company executive, provided a supportive environment. Behrang, a bachelor, holds an advanced diploma in computer-aided design. He embarked on his acting journey officially by graduating from the first class of the Graduates' Cultural-Artistic Institute.

Since childhood, Behrang harbored a deep interest in acting and began his theatrical endeavors in school. During his teenage years, he excelled in school theater, earning the title of the best actor in Tehran's District 6 and subsequently in the entire Tehran province. In 1991, he officially entered professional theater with Jahanbakhsh Tajlil's play, "Wooden Puppet," performed at Tehran's Theater City.

Career Highlights: Behrang Alavi initiated his on-screen career with the popular hidden camera programs directed by Amirhossein Ghoraei. After a hiatus for academic pursuits, he returned to the theater, becoming a student of renowned masters such as Mohammad Rahmaniyan, Hamid Amjad, Mohtab Nasirpour, Parviz Parastooei, Atilla Pesiani, Roya Timourian, Panteha Abrahim, and Habib Rezaei.

His foray into visual arts came with his role in the short film "Ayare 14," directed by Parviz Shahbazi, where he gained recognition for a single scene, marking his entry into cinema. Subsequently, his professional journey gained momentum. His nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 31st Fajr Film Festival for "Darband" (Directed by Parviz Shahbazi) was a testament to his acting prowess.

In addition to acting, Behrang Alavi is actively involved in photography, writing, and fashion design. He is also an advocate for the rights of working children, single and household head women, and regularly organizes charity galleries and markets. Behrang is proficient in various sports, including swimming, car racing, yoga, and billiards.

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