Banipal Shoomoon
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Banipal Shoomoon

Birthday: Nov. 24, 1978
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['Banipal Shoomoon', 'Banipal Shomon', 'بانیپال شومون', 'Banipal Shumun', 'Banipal Shoumoun']

Persian Name: بانیپال شومون

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Banipal Shomon, born in Azar 1357, is an Iranian actor. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering and is a graduate of Tehran School of Cinema and Theater. Shomon began his career in 2011 and is not only an actor but also active in music, being a member of the Kurdish Philharmonic Orchestra in Tehran.

Banipal Shomon, born in December 1978 in Tehran, comes from an Assyrian background. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering. Despite starting his career in the construction industry after university, he later decided to pursue acting. Shomon joined the Institute for Acting Résumé and Training and began his professional career in 2011.

He initiated his professional artistic career by lending his voice to the character "Roozbeh" in the animated film "The Last Fiction," directed and written by Ashkan Rahgozar. This animation, loosely based on Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), revolves around the story of Zahhak Mardegh, Fereydoun, and Kaveh the Blacksmith. Shomon gained experience working alongside stars such as Parviz Parastui, Hamed Behdad, and Leila Hatami in this animation.

In addition to his voice acting, Banipal Shomon has played roles in various films, TV series, and theatrical performances. Notably, he played the role of "Reis Azar Gol-Darayi" in the first season of the TV series "Shahrzad," directed by Hassan Fathi.

Banipal Shomon is not only active in acting but also involved in music. He is a member of the Kurdish Philharmonic Orchestra in Tehran. He played a significant role in the opera "Mana and Mani," composed by Hossein Dehlavi, conducted by Ali-Reza Shekarchi-Nejad, and directed by Mohammad Aqabati in 2012 at Vahdat Hall.

In 2018, Shomon had a prolific year with his participation in four films: "Don't Be Embarrassed" (directed by Reza Mirkarimi), "Old Road" (directed by Manijeh Hekmat), "Abu Ghraib Strait" (directed by Bahram Tavakoli), and "Los Angeles–Tehran" (directed by Tina Pakravan). He also appeared in two short films, "Darkness" and "Unlimited Internet," as well as two plays, "Parehayahoo" and "Lassaro," directed by Amir Kaveh Ahangar and Masoud Rayaegan, respectively.

For his outstanding performance in the play "Vava," Banipal Shomon received a special commendation for the Best Male Actor at the 12th House of Theater Actors' Celebration in 2014. His notable theatrical works include roles in plays such as "The Long Night's Little Girl," "Sorcery and Magic," "Sanctuary of Guardianship," "Musk and Misunderstanding," "Number 91913," "No One Is at Home," "Ireland Shouldn't Be a Bad Place," and "Bazaei," written and directed by Mohammad Mosavat.

In 2019, Banipal Shomon was nominated for the Best Male Actor in the Fajr Theater Festival.

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