Bamdad Afshar

بامداد افشار

Bamdad Afshar | بامداد افشار

Bamdad Afshar, born on 13 Khordad 1365, is an Iranian composer and sound designer. Renowned for his exceptional work in film, he earned the Crystal Simorgh for Best Film Score at the 38th Fajr Film Festival for his composition in the movie "Skin."

Biography: Born in 1365, Bamdad Afshar has made significant contributions to the realms of film music and sound design, both within Iran and internationally. His portfolio includes diverse works for cinema, theater, and collaborative projects such as "Cheshme" (Radio Goushe) in the realm of audiobook production, where he served as a supervisor and contributed to the music. Notably, Bamdad Afshar has a background in capturing the ambient sounds of Tehran, adding a unique dimension to his creative endeavors.

Apart from his musical pursuits, Bamdad Afshar is actively involved in various ventures, including robotics, the art of sound, and electronic music. Many of these activities are carried out under his guidance and ideation within a group known as "Ataagh."

The "Ataagh" group has released four music albums to date and engaged in international collaborations, such as creating music for the Japanese artist Tsuyoshi Ozawa. Moreover, the group's music has been featured in a documentary by Vice Media, and they hold the rights for the video clip "Mardaha Khod Khahand" at the Manheim Online Opera Festival.

Bamdad Afshar's multifaceted talents and innovative contributions continue to shape the landscape of sound and music, both locally and globally.

Bamdad Afshar


  • Original title
    Bamdad Afshar
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    بامداد افشار
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    June 4, 1985
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    [بامداد افشار]