Bahman Mofid

بهمن مفيد

Bahman Mofid | بهمن مفيد

Behman Mofid (born August 27, 1942, in Gorgan – passed away on August 17, 2020, in Tehran) was a versatile Iranian actor, musician, singer, and puppeteer. Born in a small village, Garkan, in the Abyek County, Mofid was part of a renowned artistic family, including his brother, Bijan Mofid, a playwright and director, and Ardavan Mofid, an actor. His sister, Hangameh Mofid, was a poet and lyricist. He began his involvement in theater at a young age, participating in his family's theatrical productions.

Behman Mofid officially embarked on his cinematic journey in 1969 with a brief role in the film "Qeysar" directed by Masoud Kimiai. Despite the brevity of his role, Mofid's compelling dialogue and performance became iconic and earned him recognition. His impactful dialogue was initially improvised but was later incorporated into the film script due to its beauty and effectiveness.

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Mofid faced challenges, and due to pressures and restrictions, he migrated to the United States in 1980. Despite receiving offers for professional engagements outside of Iran, Mofid chose to return to his homeland in 2000 after an absence of over two decades. He continued his artistic activities, playing roles in popular films such as "Freidoune Farokhzad," "Monafeq," and "Ghods."

Behman Mofid's career spanned various domains, including theater, film, and puppetry. His contributions to Iranian culture and art, both in Iran and abroad, made him a beloved and enduring figure in the world of performing arts.





Bahman Mofid


  • Original title
    Bahman Mofid
  • Persian Name
    بهمن مفيد
  • Birthday
    Aug. 27, 1942
  • Born in
    Gorgan , Iran
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  • Also know as :
    ['بهمن مفيد']