Azade Samadi
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Azade Samadi

Birthday: Jan. 7, 1979
Place of birth: Lahijan, Iran
Also known as: ['Azadeh Samadi', 'Azade Samadi', 'آزاده صمدی']

Persian Name: آزاده صمدی

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Azadeh Samadi, born on January 7, 1979, in Lahijan, is a renowned Iranian actress. She gained widespread recognition for her role in the television series "Rah-e Bi Payan" (Endless Road) in 2007.

Biography: Azadeh Samadi was born on January 7, 1979, in Lahijan, Iran. She pursued her higher education in theater at Sooreh University. Following her academic endeavors, she enrolled in acting classes at the Karnamah Institute under the management of Parviz Parastooei. Her early involvement in theater included performances in productions by "Beshir & Shekar" directed by Hamid Amjad.

Azadeh Samadi further solidified her position in the entertainment industry by participating in the teletheater "Daryavaran" directed by Mohammad Aghagolzadeh. Her talent and acting skills caught the attention of director Homayoun As'adian, leading to her selection for the television series "Rah-e Bi Payan" (Endless Road). The series, which aired in 2007, significantly contributed to her fame and popularity.

Apart from her television success, Azadeh Samadi showcased her acting prowess in short films such as "35 Metri Sath-e Ab" and "Dandan Abi," directed by Hooman Sidi. Her performances in various projects demonstrated her versatility as an actress.

Personal Life: Azadeh Samadi got married to Hooman Sidi in 2006, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2013.

Political Activity: During the 2009 presidential election in Iran, Azadeh Samadi was among the artists who supported Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

Controversies: Azadeh Samadi hosted the program "Zabivaka," which was broadcast on the Ayioo network during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. However, after the first episode, the program was interrupted by IRIB officials, and Majid Yaseri and Ali Ansarian replaced her as hosts. The change was explained by IRIB as a measure to prevent "the instrumental use of women."

Opposition to Compulsory Hijab: In a notable event on May 21, 2023, Azadeh Samadi attended the funeral of Reza Haddad without wearing a mandatory hijab. This action led to legal consequences, as she was charged with "injury to public morals and decency through the unveiling of hijab." As a result, she was sentenced to six months of prohibition from online activities and mandated to undergo psychological counseling for what was referred to as "antisocial personality disorder."

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