Atash Taghipour
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Atash Taghipour

Birthday: April 4, 1945
Place of birth: Khoy
Also known as: ['آتش تقی پور']

Persian Name: آتش تقی پور

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Atash Taghipour...

Atash Taghipour, born on April 4, 1945, in Khoy, Iran, is a distinguished Iranian actor renowned for his extensive work in theater, cinema, and television. Despite beginning his artistic career with a diploma in literature from Urmia and entering the Dramatic Arts Faculty in 1966, Taghipour's passion led him to a prominent position in the Iranian performing arts scene. His professional acting debut was made in the play "The Government of Zamankhan," directed by Roknoddin Khosravi, performed at Tehran's Sangalaj Theater during 1966-1967.

Throughout his career, Taghipour has showcased his versatility across various genres and mediums. His filmography includes notable titles such as "Scene Making" (2020), "Atabay" (2019), and "Exit" (2019) by Ebrahim Hatamikia, demonstrating his enduring presence in Iranian cinema. Taghipour's roles have spanned across dramatic and comedic realms, contributing significantly to the richness of Iranian film and theater. His dedication to the craft has made him a respected and beloved figure among audiences and peers alike.

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