Ashkan Eshtiyagh

اشکان اشتیاق

Ashkan Eshtiyagh | اشکان اشتیاق

Ashkan Eshtiyagh : اشکان اشتیاق : Ashkan Eshtiagh began his acting career in his teenage years, appearing in television series.

He started with guest roles in "Hamseran" before gaining recognition for his performances in "Donyaye Shirin" and "Zir-e Aseman-e Shahr."

His debut in cinema came with the film "Chep Dast," directed by Arash Moeiriyan. Eshtiaq has collaborated with Shahed Ahmadlou on numerous television projects and has also appeared in films such as "Gonj-e Khan-e Sefid," "Blowout Rain," "Pesarha Sarbaz Be Donya Nemiyayand," and "Ma Khaneh Nistim."

In terms of education, Ashkan Eshtiaq studied graphic design at Tehran North Branch of Azad University.

Ashkan Eshtiyagh


  • Original title
    Ashkan Eshtiyagh
  • Persian Name
    اشکان اشتیاق
  • Birthday
    May 21, 1982
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  • Also know as :
    ['Ashkan Eshtiagh', 'اشکان اشتیاق']