Asghar Naghizade

اصغر نقی زاده

Asghar Naghizade | اصغر نقی زاده

Asghar Naghizadeh (born in 1341 in Tehran) is an Iranian actor known for his performances in theater, cinema, and television.

Biography: Asghar Naghizadeh's father, known as Pahlavan, spent years working at the National Bank Club on Ferdowsi Street. His father was a religious and strong individual with a background in wrestling. Asghar Naghizadeh, armed with a diploma in economics, entered the world of cinema professionally, making his debut in the film "Tawbah-e Nusooh." He later went on to showcase his acting skills in various films, including "Mohaajer," "Azhans-e Shishe'i" (The Glass Agency), "Khakestare Sabz" (Green Ashes), "Az Karkheh ta Rey" (From Karkheh to Rey), "Sometimes Look at the Sky," and more.

Naghizadeh gained recognition for his roles in films where he often portrayed warrior-like characters. His performances in movies such as "Khakestare Sabz" earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the twelfth Fajr Film Festival. He has consistently delivered compelling performances, especially in action-oriented genres, solidifying his reputation as a versatile actor in the Iranian entertainment industry.

Asghar Naghizade


  • Original title
    Asghar Naghizade
  • Persian Name
    اصغر نقی زاده
  • Birthday
    Jan. 4, 1960
  • Born in
    Tehran, Iran
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  • Also know as :
    ['Asghar Naghizade', 'اصغر نقی\u200cزاده', 'اصغر نقی زاده', 'Asqar Naqizade', 'Asghar Naghizadeh', 'Asqar Naqizadeh']

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