Asadollah Yekta
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Asadollah Yekta

Birthday: Dec. 14, 1947
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['اسداله یکتا', 'اسدالله یکتا', 'اسداله انصاری يكتا']

Persian Name: اسداله انصاری يكتا

Asadollah Yekta's Biography

Asadollah Yekta...

Asadollah Ansari Yekta: The Stature of a Short Stature Actor in Iranian Cinema

Asadollah Ansari Yekta, born on December 14, 1947, in Tehran, is a renowned Iranian actor recognized for his significant contributions to Iranian cinema. Despite his short stature, Yekta has made a lasting impact, gracing over 93 Iranian films with his versatile performances.

Awards and Recognition

Ansari Yekta's talent and dedication were acknowledged during the inaugural Critics' Celebration in 2006, although, unfortunately, due to illness, he couldn't attend the ceremony. In 2010, he received accolades at the "Yesterday's Kids" celebration, honoring artists in the children and youth entertainment sector. In recognition of his remarkable career, Davood Rashidi presented him with a commemorative statue.

Asadollah Ansari Yekta's prolific acting career continues to resonate, portraying characters that transcend physical dimensions and leave an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of Iranian cinema.

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