Amir Noruzi
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Amir Noruzi

Birthday: Oct. 11, 1986
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['امیر نوروزی', 'Amir Noroozi', 'Amir Norouzi']

Persian Name: امیر نوروزی

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Amir Noruzi's Biography

Amir Noruzi...

Amir Norouzi

Biography: Amir Norouzi, born on October 22, 1986, is an Iranian actor and a graduate in Theater from the University of Art. His journey in the world of performing arts began with his involvement in theater.

Career Highlights: In 1398 (2019), Amir Norouzi achieved recognition for his outstanding performance in the play "Launcher 5" at the Fajr Theater Festival, where he secured the top rank for the Best Male Actor.

Expanding his horizons to cinema, Norouzi made his presence felt in the 39th Fajr Film Festival in 1399 (2020). In this significant cinematic event, he participated in two films, "Maman" and "Maslaha." Notably, in his debut year in cinema, he received a nomination for the Crystal Simorgh for Best Leading Actor for his role in "Maman."

Education: Amir Norouzi holds a degree in Theater, showcasing a commitment to academic excellence in his chosen field.

Recognition and Achievements: His recognition as the top male actor in theater at the Fajr Theater Festival speaks to his talent and dedication. Additionally, earning a nomination for Best Leading Actor in his first cinematic role is a noteworthy accomplishment.

Amir Norouzi's versatility in transitioning from theater to cinema underscores his skill as an actor and his potential for making significant contributions to the Iranian performing arts landscape. His achievements at a relatively young age hint at a promising career ahead in both theater and cinema.

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