Alireza Jalali-tabar

Alireza Jalali-tabar

Alireza Jalali-tabar | علی‌رضا جلالی‌تبار

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Description :

Alireza Jalali-tabar : علی‌رضا جلالی‌تبار : Date of Birth: May 11, 1978
Profession: Actor in Cinema, Theater, and Television
Nationality: Iranian
Alireza Jalali-Tabar is a graduate of the IRIB Conservatory and has also completed his studies at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture. Additionally, he holds a Master's degree in Architecture from Khatam University.

Alireza Jalali-Tabar has made significant contributions to Iranian cinema, theater, and television. His education and training in the arts have equipped him with a strong foundation, allowing him to excel in various acting roles across different media.

Details :
  • Name : Alireza Jalali-tabar
  • Birthday : May 11, 1978
  • Born in : None
  • Tmdb ID : 3170112
  • Also know as : [علی‌رضا جلالی‌تبار]
  • Persian Name : علی‌رضا جلالی‌تبار